CEO Strategic Developers Boot Camp

New for 2018! The 2018 CEO Strategic Developers Boot Camp signals a change in how CEOs and their business development executives can participate in creating the solutions our network will take to market.

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Leadership Conference

Designed for CEOs and senior credit union leaders from all CU*BASE clients, the CU*Answers Leadership Conference provides a unique opportunity to get together with your peers and hear CU*Answers’ vision for our partnership during the coming year. We hope you will join us for what always proves to be a fun, energizing and inspiring time together!

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Data Investment Symposium

The Data Investment Symposium is a focus group event to brainstorm on new investments the CUSO should be making in data.

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ACFO Strategies Focus Groups

Collaboration feeds innovation, and as a CUSO, CU*Answers thrives when clients are involved in the development of our products and services. Focus groups bring together credit union professionals from various disciplines: lending, collections, marketing, web designers, and more.

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Boot Camps

Boot Camps are intensive interactions between CU*Answers design, development, and technical leaders with credit union participants, covering a subject matter at a deeper level than is typical for most education and focus group sessions.

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Executive Study Groups

Executive Study Groups provide a forum for leaders to discuss the issues that affect their institutions, teams, businesses and the industry at large. Participants meet to share information and discover new strategies to make their operations more effective.

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June 24, 2019