2017 – It’s A Cooperative Thing

Leadership Conference 2017

It's a Cooperative ThingCooperative Business Charters Rock for Being More Than Just a Brand.

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Being a cooperative is as much a way of being as a state of mind. It’s an environment that fosters teamwork and collaboration as well as a commitment to self. You are an “owner” of your credit union. You have a direct say on the direction your credit union is going to take. How do you pay your customer-owners, drive for great prices, and take the lead?


Designed for CEOs and senior credit union leaders from all CU*BASE clients, the CU*Answers Leadership Conference provides a unique opportunity to get together with your peers and hear CU*Answers’ vision for our partnership during the coming year. We hope you will join us for what always proves to be a fun, energizing and inspiring time together!

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2017 Awards

The following awards were presented at this year’s Leadership Conference.

Robert H. Mackay 2017 Leadership Award

Dennis DegenhardtDennis D. Degenhardt
CEO, Glacier Falls CU

Spirit of CU*Answers 2017 Award

Honor CU
Scott McFarland, CEO


Lights, Camera, Action!

At the Leadership Conference we introduced several new videos produced in partnership with Fulvew Productions. Contact them directly to have the videos customized for your Credit Union!

Industry Short

Ten Years of CUATV

Thank You!

CU*Answers would like to thank our partner, Fulvew Productions, for the past decade of memorable videos that we are able to share with our network partners.

Contest Winners

Best Video Idea
It’s A Cooperative Thing

By Amanda Kissner, Wakota FCU

Best 30 second Spot Idea
The Queen

By Troy Clawson, Allegan CU

Best Completed Video
It’s a Cooperative Thing – Why Community Matters

By Cristen Austgen, Northstar CU

Building Solutions in a Co-Op Testimonials

Chris Butler – Developer’s Help Desk Testimonial

Jennifer Laud – Share & Win Testimonial

Mike Varley – Owner’s Voice Testimonial

Do It Yourself Videos

Developer’s Help Desk
I want to Integrate with a Third Party

How to Cut an Avocado

This video takes you to YouTube.

Additional Videos

DAON Biometrics Facial Recognition

Form Generator – Early Preview

Check out the complete CU*Answers video library on CUATV.com.

November 14, 2017

Get Ready! The 2018 CU*Answers Leadership Conference is Coming!

Get Ready!  The 2018 CU*Answers Leadership Conference is Coming!

We Need a Hero! How are your members achieving the impossible every single day? Whether it is our employees or our members, how can we inspire people to step up and save our organizations?  Sometimes we believe we know better than our members, but we have an army of motivated, passionate, and active owners who show… Read more »

Apr 2, 2018

Nominations Period Closed – 2018 CU*Answers Election

Nominations Period Closed – 2018 CU*Answers Election

Per our Board Member Handbook, this is official notification that the period for receiving nominations to fill seats on the CU*Answers Board of Directors has closed as of March 31, 2018.  The CU*Answers Board of Directors met to set the final ballot for this year’s election. Ballots will be sent electronically to all owners during… Read more »

Apr 2, 2018