2016 – Redefining Everything Credit Union

Leadership Conference 2016

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If tomorrow there were no credit unions and you could start all over, what would you do differently when rebuilding the industry from ground up? How would you redefine credit unions, branches, board members, and owners? How would you change the reality to speak to today?

Join us for this year’s Leadership Conference, where CEOs and senior leaders from all CU*BASE credit unions will explore how to build, deliver, and redefine what credit unions will mean to future generations while holding on to our roots.


Designed for CEOs and senior credit union leaders from all CU*BASE clients, the CU*Answers Leadership Conference provides a unique opportunity to get together with your peers and hear CU*Answers’ vision for our partnership during the coming year. We hope you will join us for what always proves to be a fun, energizing and inspiring time together!

Presentation Materials and Conference Handouts

Conference Presentations

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2016 Awards

The following awards were presented at this year’s Leadership Conference.

The Robert H. Mackay 2016 Leadership Award – to CU*NorthWest (Greg Smith, CEO)
The Spirit of CU*Answers 2016 Award – to rkGoBig (Peter Barnard, Facilitator)

Lights, Camera, Action!

At the Leadership Conference we introduced several new videos produced in partnership with Fulvew Productions. Contact them directly to have the videos customized for your Credit Union!

Watch the videos from the 2016 Leadership Conference.

Industry Short

The Credit Union Time Machine

Video Contest Winners

Best 30 second Spot Idea
Good Time or a Bad Time

by Kathy Fearnley, Lakeshore Federal CU

Best Video Idea
A Credit Union is a Revolution

by Julie Stevens, Kellogg Community FCU

Best Complete Video
Online Retailing 2.0

by Julie Stevens, Kellogg Community FCU

Best Complete Video
Online Retailing 2.0

by Jamie Richter, Heartland Credit Union

Additional Videos

Eric Church – Kill a Word

Disruptive Innovation – QUT IFB101

The Explainer – Disruptive Innovation

Grand Opening of the ELCA Federal Credit Union

My Virtual StrongBox

Check out the complete CU*Answers video library on CUATV.com.

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January 12, 2017

Get Ready! The 2018 CU*Answers Leadership Conference is Coming!

Get Ready!  The 2018 CU*Answers Leadership Conference is Coming!

We Need a Hero! How are your members achieving the impossible every single day? Whether it is our employees or our members, how can we inspire people to step up and save our organizations?  Sometimes we believe we know better than our members, but we have an army of motivated, passionate, and active owners who show… Read more »

Apr 2, 2018

Nominations Period Closed – 2018 CU*Answers Election

Nominations Period Closed – 2018 CU*Answers Election

Per our Board Member Handbook, this is official notification that the period for receiving nominations to fill seats on the CU*Answers Board of Directors has closed as of March 31, 2018.  The CU*Answers Board of Directors met to set the final ballot for this year’s election. Ballots will be sent electronically to all owners during… Read more »

Apr 2, 2018