Boot Camps 2018

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“I am from a small credit union. We don’t have a department or really, right now, one person devoted to mining and analyzing all the data we have in CU*BASE. Being a part of this group not only exposed me to the data architects and programmers within the network but also connected me to other credit union professionals who, like me, are excited about data analytics. Making those connections was the most valuable part of this experience for me.”

– Sarah McNeil, United Advantage NW FCU

Boot camps are back again! CU*Answers is offering another year of Boot Camps and Executive Study Groups for credit union executives! Whether you are a returning Boot Camper, or a new participant we are offering new and exciting courses that will help engage you as owners.

Over the course of a year, participants will have the a hands-on experience working with CUSO insiders on the roadmaps and approaches for creating databases that yield value to credit union leaders and teams. Courses will be split into four 2-day sessions, totaling 8 days.

Q & A Webinar

Have questions about Boot Camps? Ask some Boot Camp Graduates your questions on this drop in webinar.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 from 3:00-4:00 PM ET

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Boot Camps

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Executive Study Groups

executive_study_groupsExecutive Study Groups provide a forum for leaders to discuss the issues that affect their institutions, teams, businesses and the industry at large. Participants meet to share information and discover new strategies to make their operations more effective.

Each Executive Study Group focuses on a different management area and may be repeated.

Executive Study Groups

October 22, 2018

Join Network Services for our September Boot Camp!

Join Network Services for our September Boot Camp!

Join us September 8th and 9th for a two-day boot camp!  This is an opportunity for your credit union IT members build their knowledge of core product deployment and support. One of our goals during the Network Services Boot Camp is to help provide a tighter integration between credit union IT staff and the CNS… Read more »

Jun 8, 2021