FG.AL3 Risk Management Report Generator [RMRG]

Focus Groups

Participate in a focus group! Your contributions are valuable to the entire process, which starts with sharing ideas and discussing industry needs to create the tools you use today. (Invitations will be emailed separately to your credit union as meetings are scheduled throughout the year.)

Collaboration feeds innovation, and as a CUSO, CU*Answers thrives when clients are involved in the development of our products and services. Focus Groups bring together credit union professionals from various disciplines: Lending, Collections, Marketing, Web Designers, and more.

Historically, Focus Groups have covered a lot of territory and garnered support for projects through the incubation period. They have also served to introduce ideas and create that innovative spark of insight. Focus Groups are dynamic in nature and require participation to be effective. These groups collectively interact with experts from CU*Answers, whose intent is to build enhanced business solutions.


Risk Management Report Generator [RMRG] is advancing. Attend this seminar to learn how the site is being used and hear about the positive experiences of RMRG power users. Documenting your vendor relationships isn't an optional task, flying low on the radar.  It's a requirement that's made easier by RMRG.  In this session we will discuss adding approved vendors and review functionality.  You'll want to be present when we introduce the new risk assessment feature.             


Credit union staff responsible for compliance or vendor management

Course Offerings Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.