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Keeping our connection to our clients is paramount to our shared success. The information in the customer database assures that the most current information about your credit union is communicated and shared with those who need to remain informed.

First, please find the department explanations in our CU*BASE Customer Master Database Information for Online Clients booklet (pages 5-6).

Customer Master Database Information

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Conversion Support Contact Center Promise
This document reviews the service and expectations you will receive from our Conversion Support Contact Center.

ACH Debit Authorization Agreement

Please complete this form so that we can debit your account for monthly CU*Answers invoice. You must be an authorized signer on the account being debited.

ACH Effective Date / Frequency of Debit will be Monthly on the 25th

ACH Debit Authorization Agreement Form

Security Officer Form

This form will designate your primary and back up security officers. Your staff will be directed to contact these individuals when security needs to be granted within CU*BASE.

Security Officer Form

Education Coordinator Application

The Education Coordinator will assist the Conversion Coordinator and Client Services & Education team with the creation and implementation of the Conversion Education Plan. The Education Coordinator will primarily be responsible for assisting the Presence-Over-Video (POV) trainer by managing the physical classroom. Please recruit applicants to fill the Education Coordinator position.

Education Coordinator Application

Member Service Questionnaire

Please complete the CU*Answers Member Service and Teller Questionnaire so we can better understand your internal policies and procedures. This information is used to supplement our training and support efforts.

Member Service Questionnaire

Lending Questionnaire

Please complete the CU*Answers Lending Questionnaire so we can better understand your internal policies and procedures. This information is used to supplement our training and support efforts.

Lending Questionnaire

Data Archival Form

CU*Answers provides a two-stage data archiving approach. Online short-term data archiving is accomplished with CU*SPY. Our offline long-term data archiving is handled by CU*Archives and provides CD/DVD storage for daily/monthly reports, member statements, credit card statements, mortgage statements, e-loans, and e-receipts. Please choose the Data Archival options in the CU*Answers Store link below that best suits your data archiving needs.

Select Data Archival Options

Self-Service Related:

It’s Me 247 Indemnification Agreement

It’s Me 247 Online Banking is CU*Answers’ full-featured online banking solution. Please sign the It’sMe247 Indemnification Agreement so that your members can use Online Banking services.

It’s Me 247 Indemnification Agreement

CU*Check Viewer Indemnification

To display images of cleared checks within It’s Me 247 Online Banking, please sign and return the CU*Check Viewer Indemnification.

CU*Check Viewer Indemnification

Account-to-Account Transfers

Account-to-Account (A2A) transfer capabilities in CU*BASE and It’s Me 247 Online Banking allow members to initiate transfers between their credit union accounts and accounts at other financial institutions. A third-party vendor, Magic-Wrighter will provide the ACH system which will handle the movement of funds. Magic-Wrighter’s tool is referred to as “On Demand Transfers” or ODT.
In order for a credit union to offer A2A transfer services, the credit union must be an ODFI (Originating Depository Financial Institution).
There is a minimum of a 30-day lead time to implement this feature.

Account to Account Transfers
This document reviews the service and expectations you will receive from our Conversion Support Contact Center.

Lending Related:

Credit Reporting 1-2-3

Please complete this form for each Credit Bureau that you are reporting to today.

Credit Bureau 1-2-3 Form

Online Credit Bureau Set-up Form

Please complete this form for each Credit Bureau that you pull from. You may need to contact your Credit Bureau account representative or support to obtain some of the information requested.
*Please complete the separate 247 Lender Startup Form if you wish to implement the 247 Lender decision model.

Credit Bureau Set-up Form

FIS Form (FIS OTB Credit Card) – Secure File Transfer Questionnaire

A standardized Balance Transfer system allows members to transfer funds from a share account type to any OTB credit card, loan or savings product type. Your staff can make payments through CU*BASE or members make payments through It’sMe247.

FIS Secure File Transfer Questionnaire

Back Office Related:

Back Office Support with SRS Memo

Please complete this form to identify key credit union staff members who normally complete these tasks. Our on-site support team work directly with these individuals throughout live week to accomplish these tasks.

Back Office Support with SRS Memo

ACH Conversion Assignments Memo

Please identify the team members who are typically responsible for working ACH account number exceptions. In the event there is a large number of exceptions as a result of the conversion, all of these individuals may be called upon for assistance.

ACH Conversion Assignments Memo

Third Party Related:

Third Party Notification

CU*Answers and the credit union must coordinate the notification and changes necessary for third party vendors. This begins with a notification from you, the credit union, to the vendor of the intent to convert on the assigned date. Please be sure that your conversion coordinator receives copies of these notifications including vendor contact information.

Third Party Notification

FRB Sending/Receiving Authorization Form

Please complete these Participating Institution sections of these Federal Reserve Forms. Your conversion coordinator will have them signed by the CU*Answers authorized signer and submit them to the Federal Reserve within the required time frame.

FRB Sending/Receiving Authorization Form (1605)

FRB Sending/Receiving Authorization Form (1701)

Qualifile Sign Me Up Form

CU*BASE will streamline how your MSRs use QualiFile to assist with decisions about approving new accounts and memberships. This integration simply takes the data you enter onto CU*BASE screens when opening a new membership or account and sends it to ChexSystems (no re-keying!).

There is a minimum of a 30-day lead time to implement this feature.

Qualifile Sign Me Up Now Form

Qualifile Risk Assessment

Please submit all of your completed forms directly to your CU*Answers Conversion Coordinator.

February 3, 2021

CU*Answers completes merger of Birmingham Bloomfield CU and Metro North FCU

The CU*Answers Conversions team completed the merger of over 6,400 members from Metro North Federal Credit Union into Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union in August. Both credit unions were on the data processor’s CU*BASE® platform. This brings the credit union membership to over 11,000 members. Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union, located in Birmingham, MI, joined the CU*Answers […]

Sep 6, 2019

CU*Answers welcomes TruChoice Federal Credit Union

The CU*Answers Conversions team converted over 14,000 members for TruChoice Federal Credit Union to the data processor’s CU*BASE® platform in March. TruChoice FCU, located in Portland, ME, converted from Finastra’s D+H platform. The $134M credit union represents the 2nd Maine credit union to join the CU*Answers family. “Cumberland County Federal Credit Union has been a […]

Apr 1, 2019

CU*Answers announces Melissa Robinson as new manager for SettleMINT and Conversions teams

West Michigan-based cooperative CUSO, CU*Answers, is pleased to announce that Melissa Robinson has accepted the role of Managed Services manager. This new role will include Melissa overseeing both the SettleMINT EFT and Conversion teams. Melissa has an extensive background with CU*Answers starting in the Client Services team in 2000 then transitioning to the Conversions team […]

Jan 18, 2019