New CU*Answers CEO Geoff Johnson eager for opportunity

At its August Board Planning Session, the Board of Directors of cooperative CUSO CU*Answers announced the completion of their succession project and have selected current CU*Answers President/COO Geoff Johnson as its new CEO effective October 1, 2021. Speaking on the matter, Chairman of the Board Scott McFarland said, “Geoff has been an invaluable member of the CU*Answers team for many years, and we are confident that he will be an exceptional leader for our organization.”

Johnson, who has served as COO since 2014, expressed his gratitude to the board and excitement for the opportunity. “In the sixteen years since I joined CU*Answers, I’ve seen our products and services change dramatically. New technology and ideas come in, only to be replaced by the next great thing. One thing that has not changed is the sense of purpose we all have every day. Of being a cooperative, just like the credit unions that own us, and of giving those credit unions the power to control their own destinies.”

“I have been entrusted with an incredible responsibility by our clients and owners, to lead CU*Answers and the next generation of leaders looking to continue that legacy,” Johnson added. “To work closely with our owners and to build something special together. What we do and make for our clients is important. But why we do it is what makes us who we are. I look forward to inspiring credit unions to join us in that mission.”

Johnson first joined CU*Answers in 2005, coming in with sixteen years in credit union leadership roles primarily overseeing lending. In 2014, he was named COO and further promoted to President/COO in 2018. During his tenure, Geoff has worked closely in the growth and development of CU*Answers Management Services teams including Earnings Edge, Lender*VP, AuditLink, Web Services, SettleMINT, and Imaging Solutions.