Forest Area FCU revamps cross sales

Recently, the Earnings Edge Team visited Forest Area FCU regarding a review and refresh on the CU*BASE Cross Sales/Next Suggested product toolkit. During the visit, the Earnings Edge team:

  • Reviewed and discussed the incentive programs already in place
  • Reviewed the Tracker Memo Types and how they tie into the Cross Sales toolkit
  • Discussed how the credit union could pay employees for their participation in selling products and services to members
  • Had a discussion on how to strategically create the Cross Sales Need Group categories and tasks
  • Walked the credit union through the creation of a Next Suggested Product promotion
  • Reviewed reporting and the exporting of reporting options available

As a follow up item, the Earnings Edge team will be training/refreshing the Forest Area FCU staff on the steps for using Cross Sales/Next Suggested Product. This will be completed at the end of September 2021.