Earnings Edge introduces Post-Release Validation

Recently, the Earnings Edge team launched a webpage dedicated to Post-Release Validation (PRV). Within the webpage the team covers what PRV is; why it’s important; how to validate the data after a new software enhancement or fix; and upcoming projects that will require PRV after going live into the network. There are exciting enhancements that will come to the webpage as well:

  • Past PRV projects: What was verified, why it was verified, and how the credit union can verify this information themselves. A section dedicated to see if credit unions have an alternative approach to validating software release data.
  • Upcoming PRV projects: There is a growing list of projects in the queue that are being added to the website informing everyone what is coming soon. The site already has an updated list present. How the Earnings Edge Team envisions what types of reports/dashboards, etc. can be used to validate data for these upcoming project releases. A link to the Earnings Edge store tile for PRV so credit unions can participate and get more information.

The webpage is new and will continue to grow with time. The goal is to show credit unions in the network the importance of ensuring the new tools available to them are working as designed and not negatively affecting their income or member relationships.