CU*Answers works with credit unions to validate enhancement

Recently a project was released to two credit unions as a Beta-type project. 1st Community FCU and Partnership Financial CU participated in validating a project related to schedule loan payments for lines of credit. Previously, when a LOC was paid off and EOM processing happened, the loan still showed a scheduled payment amount due in CU*BASE. With this enhancement, if there is nothing due the scheduled payment amount will also reflect $0 after EOM/payment recalculation occurs. During this process, the credit unions alongside the Earnings Edge team:

  • Reviewed what was changing/being enhanced
  • How to find reports and other information to be used for verification
  • Red flags on what to look for when verifying member accounts
  • Open communication for any questions during the process
  • Educated the Teams on how in the future the credit unions could use CU*BASE to validate other projects released

“There was great teamwork and success during the process,” said Earnings Edge Account Executive Cody Smith. “Not only do the credit unions know how to validate a loan type post-release project, they also were interested in assisting in a future Beta-type project release. This will establish rapport between the credit unions and CU*Answers and benefit the credit union by learning how to use CU*BASE more effectively.”