CU*Answers publishes 2022 Strategic Technology Plan

CU*Answers recently announced that it has published its 2022 Strategic Technology Plan as part of its 2022 Business Plan. The Strategic Technology Plan outlines CU*Answers’ high-level technical objectives over the next three business annuals and serves as a companion document to the CU*Answers Business Plan for those that wish to understand technical approaches to business goals. The plan encompasses software development, network projects and new offerings, and operational advancements. Projects are classified according to impact against six categories including cybersecurity, stability, resiliency, performance, development, and data analysis.

“Even if we never added anything new, our technology teams would still be very busy renewing and upgrading infrastructure and planning for changing client needs,” says David Wordhouse, EVP of Technology. “COVID really shifted the landscape in 2020 and you see adjustments in the Plan accordingly with new approaches and designs on remote and mobile workforces. It also fueled cyber thieves and we are responding on multiple fronts.”

“COVID has influenced not only our environment, but also the types of requests we are getting from clients and vendors,” explains Brian Maurer, EVP of Software Development. “We are pushing to create solutions to serve members in new ways that aren’t necessarily face to face. We also continue to build on foundations deployed in 2021 with Xpress Teller, a refreshed It’s Me 247 online banking, and mobile 5.0.”