Department of Labor Federal Credit Union chooses CNS Complete Care

CU*Answers Network Services (CNS) is pleased to announce that Department of Labor Federal Credit Union, in Washington, DC, has joined a group of over 100 other credit unions managed by CNS Complete Care.

“We decided to go with CU*Answers Network Services as our IT infrastructure support team for several reasons, but the primary factor was that we felt like they truly cared about being part of DOLFCU, not just a service provider,” said Thomas Domingue, President/CEO of Department of Labor Federal Credit Union. “There were no “sales tactics” used in our initial conversation. It was a conversation about getting to know us as people, as a credit union, and figuring out how they could best work with us to meet our needs. The level of transparency and availability throughout CNS and the entire CU*Answers family is superb. I’ve yet to find another organization that truly knows what it means to be a business partner the way this organization does.”

“Department of Labor Federal Credit Union was looking to address many of the same challenges all credit unions face,” added Matt Sawtell, VP of Managed Technology Services. “Finding a way to keep things running smoothly daily, navigating the cybersecurity compliance requirements and planning for the future. They had some solid resources on staff, and I’m pleased with the way we’re able to join the team at DOLFCU and do what we do so they can put more focus on their members.”