CU*Answers introduces new Earnings Edge staffer Cody Smith to network

Last week, Cody Smith alongside Julie Gessner hosted an educational event during which the two conversed on Cody’s new role at CU*Answers and how he can help credit unions gain an edge on earning and build stronger relationships with members. To mention a couple examples, Cody has been working with credit unions on CU*BASE tiered services, marketing clubs, and cross sales/Next Suggested Product. These toolkits help build relationships with members and reward them for participation at the credit union.

Also during the discussion, Cody and Julie emphasized how credit unions can streamline their operations in many easy, quick ways. These included things like creating CU*BASE favorite groups, exploring new enhancements, and report automation.

Cody and Julie plan on participating in follow up sessions based on specific topics that the Earnings Edge team assists with.