ALM File Format Change


This is notification of an upcoming change to the format of the ALM download files for loans.  If your credit union uses Brick and Associates, Profitstar or McQueen, these vendors are already aware of the change.  For other ALM vendors, credit unions should contact their vendor directly to prepare for the loan file format change.

ALM File for Loans

Summary of Change Rate Change Frequency in the loan file is changing from 2 to 3 positions
Timeline In effect with the 21.10 release – 10/3/21 for Online and Site-Four CUs and 10/10/21 for Self-Processors.
Details The number of months between rate adjustments for contract variable rate loans is expanded to allow frequencies up to 999 months


Click here to view the updated ALM Loan File Formats.

Questions should be referred to Jim Vilker, Audit Link at or 616-285-5711, ext. 167 or Keegan Daniel, Earnings Edge at or 616-285-5711, ext. 209.