Reminder: 7-Day Processing Goes Live for Your Credit Union Starting 7/1/21!

CU*Answers first began integrating seven-day processing in February of 2019.  At that time, 85% of our network credit unions jumped on board with the new processing schedule.  Don’t forget: starting Thursday, July 1st, 2021, all remaining credit unions that are currently using six-day processing will be migrated over to the seven-day processing schedule.

With seven-day processing, clients can process on a more immediate and real-time basis, provide timelier automated funds transfers and perform general ledger balancing more easily.  Additionally, with more and more members performing transactions online each day, seven-day processing grants your credit union more accurate information – not just for reports but for data analytics too!  As the business world continues to evolve with a 24/7 mindset, CU*Answers will be there to help support your credit union and serve your members.

Want more information on seven-day processing?  We have a variety of resources available, including AnswerBook articles, an FAQ document, and an informational video.  You can review each of these via the links below!

AnswerBook Items

FAQ – What is 24/7 Processing?

Video – What is Seven-Day Processing?

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CUSO upgrading core technology using a high availability (HA) strategy

During the month of July 2022, CU*Answers will embark on a significant project to replace the server and data storage hardware that comprise the CU*BASE® core processing platform with minimal interruption of service utilizing a robust and mature high-availability strategy. To keep pace with continuously evolving technology and performance increases, CU*Answers upgrades the host core […]

Jun 30, 2022

Data center operations presentation provided to network

On April 12, 2022, speakers from CU*Answers were invited to participate in the annual CU*SOUTH Visionary Conference, held this year in Pensacola Beach, FL to share with the audience details about 24/7 data center operations across the CU*BASE platform. Attended by more than 100 credit unions professionals representing financial institutions on the network, presentations […]

Apr 28, 2022

System Availability website for core processing published by CU*Answers

On April 4, 2022, CU*Answers published a newly refreshed web page detailing the expectations for CU*BASE® core processing uptime. “Our goal each month is 100% uptime for teller and member facing applications,” states Jim Lawrence, VP of Operations and Business Continuity. “Realistically, even in a 24/7 marketplace, there are specific activities that need to be […]

Apr 6, 2022

CU*Answers conducts a dark data center test as part of their Business Continuity Program

On February 6, 2022, CU*Answers conducted the true test of any Business Continuity program by shutting off power to the production data center as part of a remodel project. Prior to the power interruption, recovery teams performed high-availability rollover procedures to redirect core processing services, including online and mobile banking environments, to systems at the […]

Feb 11, 2022

Core system bare metal recovery test performed by CU*Answers

On July 1, 2021, CU*Answers completed a bare-metal restoration of their production core-processing system in a test environment as part of their Disaster Recovery Program. With a robust and mature high availability environment hosting CU*BASE for more than 190 credit unions spanning data centers located 750 miles apart, preparing for catastrophic scenarios is not overlooked. […]

Jul 2, 2021