Video Now Available – Employee Security Audits: What Every Credit Union Needs to Know!

Make employee security audits a vital component of your strategy for mitigating risk!  AuditLink invites you to check out a recording of our recent webinar on Employee Security Audits.  This session includes a discussion on the purpose of performing an employee audit, situations that might serve as a catalyst for performing an audit, best practices for review and maintenance procedures, as well as important questions that your credit union should consider to make your audit a success!

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Additionally, the Employee Security Audit Booklet is available for FREE on our online store.  This booklet provides a roadmap to auditing your employees’ access to CU*BASE and ensuring your credit union holds itself accountable to the highest standards.  For those interested in a professionally bound copy, these will be made available at the 2021 CU*Answers Leadership Conference.

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