CU*Answers updates CU*BASE release summary communications

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned, data processing CUSO, recently debuted a new email template for CU*BASE release summaries. This new email design will replace the previous template for future releases of CU*BASE, beginning with the 21.05 release.

A collaborative effort between CU*Answers Writing Team members Stacy Brower and Andrew MacMillan, the new email is prefaced with the dates that online, Site-Four and self-processing credit unions will receive the new release of CU*BASE. The email is then defined by easy-to-follow sections which highlight release documentation, dates and times for training sessions, feedback from beta testers and a few reminder notes for the day of release. While much of the framework was carried over from the previous iteration of the release summary email, this new template incorporates more color and more boldly stated segments throughout to better capture readers’ attention. This was a core philosophy when designing the new template – modernizing the look and feel of the announcement while ensuring that clients are still be able to recognize it as a release summary email and are able to navigate it easily.

With previous CU*BASE release announcements, CU*Answers would prepare three similar versions of the email – one of these would be sent to Online credit unions, another would be sent to Self-Processing credit unions and a third detailing the rollout date for Site-Four clients would be forwarded to our partners at CU*South, CU*NorthWest and Site-Four. For the new release announcement, each of the rollout dates are included in a single email. This email is then sent to all credit unions within the CU*Answers network as well as to CU*South, CU*NorthWest and Site-Four, who can then communicate this information to their clients accordingly.