Xpress Teller 101: Details and Design

Welcome back to Xpress Teller 101! Xpress Teller is a new, separate teller processing platform to CU*BASE, designed to streamline and simplify the teller experience. Xpress Teller will be available in the CU*BASE 21.05 release.

We are growing more excited by the day for Xpress Teller! We have been encouraged by the beta credit union feedback, as well as your attendance in our overview training – we received some excellent questions, thank you! We are hearing your comments, and we’d like to share some of the favorite details of the Xpress Teller system below. What are your favorite new features? We can’t wait to find out!

Xpress Teller Details and Design Favorites

    • Xpress Teller contains a button that allows you to return quickly to the last account accessed. Very handy for the member who turns back around for one final task at the teller line!
    • The advanced search options are amazing, allowing you to find member accounts using phone number, online banking user name, and more.
    • The drawer activation is lightning quick.
    • Main screen graphics allow promotion of CU products and services, giving tellers the opportunities to have these conversations with members.
    • Using one screen to easily take in cash, outside, and on-us checks.
    • Account comments and identification information are right on the screen.

Don’t forget that you can read more now about the details of Xpress Teller in the Knowledge Base!

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