CU*Answers urges clients to take advantage of RDC-IQ sale while it lasts

CU*Answers credit union clients have been taking advantage a great deal on RDC-IQ, the CU*Answers OpsEngine data center’s real-time remote deposit capture posting solution. “We have worked closely with everyone involved to offer a really great entry point,” says Jeff Miller, Ops Engine Business Development Manager. “We are waiving setup fees entirely and giving away one year of monthly billing. Time is running out, though – this will end in June.”

Miller notes that this is a good time for credit unions that are already serving RDC to members via batch processing to make the move to RDC-IQ. “This is an easy way to trim up to several hundred dollars off the yearly budget – permanently – with very little up-front cost, and at the same time provide an even better member experience.” Miller adds that over half the credit unions that process with CU*Answers now use the RDC-IQ posting service, and for those that do not, this is the best time to make the move to real-time RDC.