CU*Answers moves to new help software in effort to streamline user experience

This year CU*Answers will transition from Adobe RoboHelp to MadCap Flare as its system for documenting CU*Answers software tools and products. The move, currently in the planning stages, will help CU*Answers clients more easily find the help documentation they need, be it a booklet, a video, or just a few sentences describing a button or field. The switch will also help CU*Answers modernize its online help system, making it more streamlined and responsive to any device.

As Adobe is phasing out support for its RoboHelp software product, CU*Answers has been searching for a replacement that is more robust and makes way for future expansion of the help system. CU*Answers Technical Writer Amethyst Schott shares her excitement for the switch to MadCap: “The move to MadCap will bring a fresh modern look to CU*Answers online help and will also allow for easier updates to the documentation.” The new MadCap help is expected to be unveiled to clients later this year.