Coming Soon: We’re Rolling Out NEW Vertical Receipts!

We’re excited to debut Vertical Receipts as part of the 21.05 release! Make the switch from the traditional horizontal layout, and your members will be able to see all of their transactions (almost 600 items!) on a single receipt. The new, easier-to-read vertical format will be used for any receipt from any channel in CU*BASE, including standard Teller, Xpress Teller, and anywhere else receipts are produced. All of your receipt printers at all branches will switch at the same time.

Here are some cool features that we are excited to share with you:

  • Using a new option in your Teller Workflow Controls, you can include an account balance summary at the bottom of every printed receipt, listing your choice of current balance and/or available balance for all accounts, or only accounts affected during that transaction.
  • Each receipt will show both the primary member’s name and the name of the person served, if other than the primary member.
  • Friendly labels will be added to explain miscellaneous information such as the receipt ID, branch number, and teller ID.
  • When a hold is placed on a check deposit, the receipt will show the date the funds will be available.

Want more details on Vertical Receipts?  Check out our recipe on the Kitchen page!

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