Xpress Teller 101: Workflow Controls

Welcome back to Xpress Teller 101! Xpress Teller is a new, separate teller processing platform to CU*BASE, designed to streamline and simplify the teller experience. Xpress Teller will be available in the CU*BASE 21.05 release.

As Xpress Teller is an alternative to the standard teller system, it uses its own workflow controls within Tool #1775 Workflow Controls: Xpress Teller, click here to see a sneak peek!

What controls do I have with Xpress Teller that I do not have with Standard Teller?

  • Where to search,
  • What to show on the search screen
  • What to include in the Member Service slider menu
  • Prompt for code word
  • Member maintenance
  • Privacy masking
  • Funds-in screen controls
  • Deposits/withdrawals screen controls

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