The 21.03 Imaging Solutions Release is Now Available

The first part of the Imaging Solutions 21.03 Release is now available for all online CU*Spy Imaging credit unions.  This was implemented as a two-part release, as it required specific foundations to be put into place before we roll out the second portion.  We will be rolling out a new ProDOC for all credit unions next week.

Highlights of the 21.03 Imaging Solutions Release include:

  • Text Message Notifications for eSign
  • Forms Packages Filtering
  • Add or Remove Form Elements
  • Download Multiple Files from iDocVAULT
  • CU*Spy Images Edit Button is Now Easily Accessible

Take a look at the 21.03 Imaging Solutions Release Summary to learn more.

Read the Imaging Solutions Release Summary

If you have any questions, please email us at