Imaging Solutions Release Management Subscribers: Are You Using an Encrypted Connection?

Attention Imaging Solutions Release Management Subscribers!

Do you know if your connection to your imaging server is encrypted?  If it is not, then any data sent between workstations and your server is not protected with encryption.  Imaging Solutions recommends that your credit union’s connection be encrypted to protect your data.

Not sure if your connection is encrypted?  Follow the steps below to determine if it is:

  • Open iDocVAULT and see if the URL starts with ‘https’.
  • If the URL starts with HTTP and NOT HTTPS,  then it is not encrypted and you should ask yourself, “Is this the year to move to ‘https’ and follow best practices for your internal webserver by encrypting communication to/from it?”  If the answer is YES, you can work with your IT provider to get a digital certificate in place and begin using  encrypted communication with ‘https’.

If you have questions, we are always here to help!  Please reach out to us at: