CU*Answers Announces That All Credit Unions Now Have 30 Days’ Worth of Card Activity Optics Data

Every CU*Answers credit union now has a table/file in your FILExx library which contains 30 days of your member’s plastic activity.  This data set allows your credit union to dive into Non-Transactional Data, which can tell the story of how your members are interacting with their plastics.  In addition to providing you details on authorizations and denials (something you don’t see in a member’s account history), there are also details available for the Merchant Category Codes, card present/card not present indicators, etc.

This data is found within the ISOCUDTA table/file within your FILExx library.  You can access this data directly from the CU*BASE Report Builder toolkit (Tool #100) to review the raw data, and you can immediately begin creating queries/reports using this data.  This data can be used to answer some of the following questions:

  • How many transactions are being denied each day?
    • Are there certain merchant category codes where my members are being denied more than others?
  • Are card limits working as designed?
    • Or are their outliers that need to be reviewed?
  • Are members using their cards more in-person (physically swiping their card) versus using their card online (card not present transactions)?
  • How many out-of-network ATM fees are members paying?
    • And are there certain ATMs within a stone’s throw of a free ATM that you could guide your members to?
  • How many of your members are using their plastics for food purchases? And how many are not?
  • Are members’ buying habits changing for merchants that are in the category of entertainment?
    • And are we seeing a shift in how members are spending their money?
  • And more!

Marketing teams, Data Analysis teams, and Card Services teams now have access to this new resource – dive in and learn more about your member’s plastic activity!

Additionally, we encourage you to join our panel of experts for a cross-team webinar – Asterisk intelligence, SettleMint, and AuditLink will discuss our vision for how this data can be used to earn, create marketing programs, enhance existing card offerings, and prevent fraud.  We’ll also be offering a sneak peek into the exciting new tools and services we’ll be building to help you harvest the data.

Join us on Thursday, March 11th, from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM ET


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Can’t wait for the webinar or can’t make it? Ask the Asterisk Intelligence team how they can help you get the most out of this data with a Data Warehouse and expert query building and data analysis.