Ripco Credit Union completes tune-up with CU*Answers Management Services Team

Recently, Ripco Credit Union engaged with the Earnings Edge and Lender*VP team for a management tune-up. Within this style of tune-up experts from the Earnings Edge and Lender*VP team work together to highlight software that may not be being used to its full potential and to identify tools that can assist the credit union to achieve their strategic goals. The teams complete 10-12 tune up events a year and are sold out through May 2021.

“The tune-up events that we offer are not only meant to be educational, but they are meant to inspire credit union executives to utilize their toolkit to achieve their goals,” said Keegan Daniel (VP of Professional Services), “Ripco Credit Union participated together with us over the course of two days and left the room with a sense of excitement. We look forward to the continued work with RIPCO Credit Union.”