Earnings Edge team kicks off post release validation efforts

The Earnings Edge team recently began its post release validation efforts. The Post Release Validation strategy was designed to assist and motivate credit unions to take advantage of newly released software from CU*Answers as well as to highlight software that a credit union may be interested in in the future.

Most recently, the team went to work with the 20.11 CU*BASE release. Multiple credit unions were consulted and excited about getting involved in the process. The Earnings Edge team was able to help these credit unions take advantage of the newly released fraud block list tools, as well as the ability to activate the enhancements for notices that are generated for co-signers.

For each CU*BASE release, the CU*Answers Quality Control and Earnings Edge teams will work together to identify software that should be reviewed as credit unions introduce the tools to their staff and their members.

“We look forward to enhancing our PRV efforts in 2021 and marketing our efforts within our community. If at the end of the day, we can help a credit union take advantage of software they may otherwise wouldn’t have pursued, it’s a win,” said Keegan Daniel, VP of Professional Services, Earnings Edge.