Asterisk Intelligence debuts KPI Operational Consulting

Asterisk Intelligence, a data analytics team at CU*Answers which provides business intelligence consulting, fulfillment, and educational services to credit unions, recently added Key Performance Indicators Operational Consulting to their bench of professional service offerings.

KPI Operational Consulting engagements take a three-pronged approach to manufacturing value: awareness, education, and data monetization. “We want to empower credit unions with the information needed to take action on insights, monitor performance, and drive results,” said Thomas Hull, Business Intelligence Analyst with CU*Answers. “To accomplish these goals, we start by raising awareness of key operational trends identified within the credit union, paying special attention to identified strengths and weaknesses while providing the education needed to track these areas of operations and monitor performance. Finally, we connect the dots between operational insights and data monetization, providing the education and awareness needed to act on insights, capitalizing on opportunities to manufacture value.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to partner with credit unions in support of their data driven strategies,” added Hull. “In an era of industry consolidation, we hope to strengthen balance sheets, encourage growth, and empower credit unions with confidence derived out of data analytics.” Late in 2020, credit union volunteers across the country participated in proof-of-concept beta KPI Operational Consulting engagements assisting to build the offering and prove value. KPI Operational Consulting engagements are scheduled to officially launch in February 2021.