Asterisk Intelligence announces new partnership with Deb Slavens and BlueOx Credit Union

Deb Slavens, VP of IT from BlueOx Credit Union, recently joined the ranks of the Asterisk Intelligence team with the intention of forming a CUSO that is focused on assisting credit unions with their data resources and how they can best use them. This partnership between Asterisk Intelligence, a division of CU*Answers, and BlueOx Credit Union has allowed Deb to step into the role of a firm that services hundreds of credit unions across the country.

Slavens has begun to build a team of business intelligence professionals at BlueOx Credit Union that will set the stage for the CUSO’s team. “By joining the Asterisk Intelligence team at CU*Answers, I have begun to gain perspective, advice, and professional nurturing that will aide me in my CUSO development journey,” said Slavens. “I look forward to its evolution and sharing between our firms.”

The Asterisk Intelligence team and Deb have worked on several projects together but most recently completed a beta test of the upcoming Tracker Purge that will eventually be introduced to all CU*Answers customers. BlueOx Credit Union partnered with the Asterisk Intelligence team for their shared data warehouse offering, and naturally chose that space as the destination for their purged data. The Asterisk Intelligence team, Deb, and CU*Answers look forward to partnering together on similar projects in the future.