ACTION REQUIRED with Automated Queries – Changes to TRANSx Files

Reminder: as of Sunday, February 14th, we have expanded the TRANSx files for all credit unions.  This was completed in preparation for changes that will be coming with the 21.05 release of CU*BASE later this spring.

If your credit union has automated queries, you will need to check these and re-save them if they use the TRANSx or HTRANSx files.  Your credit union will need to perform the following actions before Sunday, February 28th:

  1. Check your automated queries – Tool #758 is the query scheduler.  Each scheduled query can be opened in “View” to see what files it uses.  If these files include TRANS1, TRANS 2, TRANS3 or HTRANS1, HTRANS 2, HTRANS3, the re-save process must be done!  There is no action required on scheduled queries that don’t use those files.
  2. You will then need to re-save any impacted queries – Tool #100 is used to open and save the query.  To review a list of steps, click here.

When changes are made to the files that your Queries use, you may encounter an error message.  This can be easily remedied by ‘refreshing’ your Query.  For step-by-step instructions, click here to review the AnswerBook item.

You can review the 2021 February Table Changes by viewing the PDF located here.

Additionally, Show Me the Steps instructions on how to use the Automated Reports and Queries features are available via the links below:

For further information on the Automated Reports and Queries feature, click here.

As of 10/1/2022, Professional Service Fees Apply to CU Publisher Product Updates

As of October 1st, IRSC/MTG Professional Services will charge service fees for updates to CU Publisher products.  Service fees will apply when updates are made to the following products: CU Info It’s Me 247 Mobile Mobile Alerts Form Generator It’s Me 247 Manager Membership Opening BL Manager The cost of these service fees will vary… Read more »

Oct 4, 2022

Have a question for CU*Answers? Who do you call?

Have a question for CU*Answers?  Who do you call?

At CU*Answers, we know how important it is that your Credit Union gets the appropriate help in order to meet your day-to-day data processing needs.  When you don’t know exactly who to call, we recommend that you get started by reaching out to either the Client Services and Education Team or the Network Services Team…. Read more »

Oct 3, 2022

Check Out the CU*BASE 22.10 Release Training Video!

Check Out the CU*BASE 22.10 Release Training Video!

Don’t forget: The 22.10 Release of CU*BASE is arriving on October 9th for Online and Site-Four credit unions and October 16th for Self-Processors. If you missed our recent release training webinar, a video recording is now available for review.  Take a look at the enhancements and updates coming in October – click the button below to view the… Read more »

Sep 30, 2022