Your Credit Union will be Upgraded to the TLC 360 Learning Center on 1/15/21!

Your credit union will be upgraded to the TLC 360 Learning Center this Friday, January 15th!  Your administration team will notice a new, updated look with the same functionality you’ve grown accustomed to.  The biggest difference is that TLC 360 will use new icons located at the top left of the screen, which will allow you to schedule courses, access your training plan, help options, and allow you to close the application.  These improvements should allow for more efficient use and increase your overall satisfaction with this learning solution.

How does this impact you as an administrator?

The TLC 360 Pro interface will be available beginning Monday, January 18th!

Your new URL is:  (Your current site is: (

  • All of your credit union’s training history will be available through the new interface.
  • All User IDs and Passwords will remain the same.
  • To access your training, click on the icon with the single head.
  • Please note: with the new interface, security is keeping your data safer than ever before.  To ensure everyone has a seamless experience, we encourage you to review your browser settings in the security document available here.

Please note: if you are not using the TLC 360 Learning Center, the current site will be unavailable beginning Friday evening, January 15th and through the weekend.  It will be available for use again starting Monday morning, January 18th.

We hope you enjoy these changes!  If you have any questions, please contact us via email at or via phone at 1.888.466.1634 ext. 2.