A Quick Reminder About Accessing Your TLC 360 Learning Center

As your credit union was recently upgraded to TLC 360 Learning Center, we wanted to remind you of the new URL for accessing the site.  Your new URL is: https://cuanswers000.cutrainingonline.com/tlc360. Please note: the ‘000’ following ‘cuanswers’ in the URL is a stand-in for your credit union number.

The credit union number is the same as the three digits you use when logging into CU*BASE.  For example, if the name you use for logging into CU*BASE was ‘SuzieQ118’, then the number in the URL would be ‘118’ (ex. https://cuanswers118.cutrainingonline.com/tlc360).

Please note: with this new interface, the security is keeping your data safer than ever before.  To ensure you have a seamless experience, we encourage you to review your browser settings in the security document available here.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at support@cutraining.com or via phone at 1.888.466.1634 ext. 2.