Video Now Available: Review of Brute Force BIN Attacks and Fraud Management Recommendations for Debit, Credit & ATM Payment Systems

On Presidents Day 2020 and during the weeks that followed, several CU*Answers clients experience brute force attacks on their ATM and debit card BINs.  The losses suffered were, in some cases, up to six digits.  This prompted the AuditLink and SettleMINT teams to take a deep dive and research how they happened as well as what steps credit unions should consider in order to mitigate these losses.

A video recording detailing our findings is now available.  Click below for an in-depth review and recommendations for ongoing monitoring and fraud mitigation, as presented by Julie Gessner, VP of CMS Sales, Jim Vilker, VP of Professional Services with AuditLink and Heather French, VP of Managed Services with SettleMINT.

View the Video