It’s Thursday of Asterisk Intelligence Week!

The Asterisk Intelligence Team welcomes you to participate in the final sessions of its 4-day event, Asterisk Intelligence Week.  Attend our live webinars today (Registration required!)

Below are several free webinars scheduled today, December 3rd, offered by the Asterisk Intelligence team. Use the links below to register for any class that catches your eye!

Introduction to Analytics Booth

Watch it OnDemand!

This video introduces participants to the Analytics Booth data analytics software which receives and trends your data daily for analytics or monitoring.  Learn how data is captured, how tables and graphs can be customized, how to incorporate peer data, and how to set up email alerts on specific data points.

Watch it OnDemand


Today’s Live Webinar Schedule

Hot Topic in Database Management – Query Management Strategies

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

This web conference goes deep into a specific topic or resource for database administrators and analysts. Topics vary with each AI Week event and this event’s focus is Query Management Strategies.

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Quick Project for Data Analysts – Identifying Lending Opportunities

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

This web conference is a great option for data analysts, management, or any role interested in seeing a start-to-finish example of using data for insight. Topics vary with each AI Week event and this event’s focus is Identifying Lending Opportunities.

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This is the final day of our December 2020 Asterisk Intelligence Week event. Thank you for participating!