[The Pulse] CU*BASE HA and It’s Me 247 Rollover Results Now Available

CU*BASE HA and “It’s Me 247” Rollover Results Now Available

HA Rollover: September 13-20

It’s Me 247 Rollover: September 9 & 15

Now available for your review are summaries of the recent HA (high-availability) rollover events performed in September for both CU*BASE core processing and online banking environments. In these reports, you will find details about the exercises, including challenges observed, lessons learned, and recommendations for improving the rollover process.

For the first time, these two events were conducted simultaneously, representing a unique scenario and opportunity for recovery teams to test not only the application and technology layers, but also redundancy in daily operations. Be sure to share these reports with your board of directors and IT committees, as well as auditors and examiners to demonstrate the continued investment and progress while we strengthen our resilience as a network.

As always, feel free to reach out to a member of the CU*Answers Business Continuity Team with any questions you may have.

HA Rollover Results

It’s Me 247 Rollover Results

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Being prepared for the next business disruption requires having a well-thought out recovery plan that is regularly maintained, test-validated, and understood by your trained and knowledgeable staff.  This can be difficult to accomplish with limited resources and busy schedules.

The same experienced team who oversees the Business Continuity program for CU*Answers is also available to assist your credit union in developing and testing your recovery plan.  For questions about services available, visit our website, or contact a member of the CU*Answers Business Continuity Team today.

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