Important Information Regarding the Xtend 2021 Pricing Guide

Each year, Xtend reviews pricing per product and service.  We work to ensure our prices are always cost disruptive for our CU*BASE clients, at times increasing or decreasing fees associated with all product offerings.  We do this once each year and notify our clients 90 days ahead of the new year (or new pricing) so you can adjust your budgets as needed.

This year there are very few changes to products and services.  However, we do have several new products we encourage you to take a look at including:

  • Bookkeeping Tune-Ups
  • Social Media Platform: Self or Managed Services
  • Digital Advertising
  • Call Center Wrap Up Code Consultation & Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Calendar
  • New Member, New Mortgage and Auto Loan Journeys

You can view our pricing guide on the Xtend website at any time by clicking here.