CU*Answers business continuity testing completed

OpsEngine, the CU*Answers data center, working in tandem with Yankton, SD partner Site-Four, a data center servicing multiple credit union service organizations, has completed a business continuity test.  The test, the second performed for Site-Four this year, ran from October 11th through October 18th. These events are a part of an active and robust business continuity strategy executed as part of a close collaboration by CU*Answers and Site-Four. The event included colocation operations performed by CU*Answers as part of the continuity and recovery shared approach developed by the partner companies.

The co-location exercise completed during the rollover event is designed to ensure ongoing operations for Site-Four in the case of an event that impacted staff directly. “This is part of a mutual strategy that demonstrates the power of the collaborative network,” states Jeffrey Miller, the CU*Answers OpsEngine Business Development Manager. “We recently completed a rollover for CU*Answers, during which we completed colocation processing for Site-Four. In this test, CU*Answers completed colocation operations for Site-Four, running their operations here at Grand Rapids to ensure their capability to process remotely and prepare for operations coverage in the case of an actual disaster event that precluded operations to continue for Site-Four in Yankton, South Dakota.”

The colocation processing agreement is part of an overall strategy to provide resilient processing capabilities the credit union partnership network, one facet of a larger business continuity and recovery strategy adopted by OpsEngine, the CU*Answers data center.