Strategic release management session assists Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

On August 17, the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union team participated in the Strategic Release Management consulting service that is provided and facilitated by experts from the CU*Answers Management Services team. This consulting engagement was led by experts from the Earnings Edge team, the BizLink team, and the Lender*VP team. During the session, the CU*Answers Management Services experts sat down with the credit union to discuss recently introduced software to the credit union.

Discussions revolve around configuration options, best practices, options for design, and overall awareness. The goal with these sessions is to provide the credit union with a customized approach to taking advantage of the software that CU*Answers has released to their credit unions. Crystal Waggoner, Director of Operations at Notre Dame Federal Credit Union stated, “We have participated in multiple Strategic Release Management sessions with the CU*Answers Management Services team and they continue to help drive awareness within our teams to take advantage of the great tools that CU*Answers is providing to us. It is beneficial for our team to hear about the newer tools that can be adopted.”