Reminder: iPay Clients will Transition from MASTER Site to iPay Portal on September 3rd

Beginning September 3rd, 2020, your institution will go live with iPay Portal.  Once iPay begins transitioning your institution to iPay Portal, your MASTER Site users will have 30 days to enroll in iPay Portal using their existing MASTER Site login credentials.

During the transition, when MASTER Site users log in, they will receive a message that their iPay Portal account has been created.  Pop-up messaging needs to be enabled for the notice to appear.  Users may proceed to the Portal to complete a one-time enrollment process.

Once it is complete, users will access MASTER Site through iPay Portal – direct access to MASTER Site will no longer be available.  You will need to make the iPay Portal a Favorite link and delete the link to MASTER Site.

Your staff and associates who currently use MASTER Site are invited to view a recorded training session to learn more about the steps for enrolling in iPay Portal and how to navigate the site.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jack Henry Customer Support at 1-866-255-5606.