Monroe Community Credit Union engages the Earnings Edge and Lender*VP teams for tune-up

During the week of September 21, 2020, the management staff from Monroe Community Credit Union worked with the Earnings Edge and Lender*VP teams to review CU*BASE configurations, workflow processes, and best practices. This style of tune-up is a two-day on-site engagement where the teams dive into the software to help increase the amount of efficiencies the team has. Often, these engagements can provide simple options that will help alleviate stresses that credit union has endured historically. Kate Hall, VP of Marketing and Community Relations from MCCCU stated: “We were excited that the teams came together, and we were able to focus on our toolkit and our operations. We set a goal for identifying future opportunities for success, and we were easily able to not only identify opportunities, but we were also able to make changes that will benefit our membership.”