DOLFCU works with the Earnings Edge team to increase cross sales efforts

Recently, Department of Labor Federal Credit Union tapped into the expertise of the Earnings Edge team at cooperative CUSO CU*Answers to configure, train, and implement the CU*BASE Cross Sales toolkit. The credit union had the goal of not only creating new configurations to allow their employees to actively track sales efforts, follow-ups, referrals, and leads, but they also had the desire to utilize the Next Suggested Product feature to alert their staff of an opportunity that has been identified for an individual. Bryan McDonald, branch manager for DOLFCU, said: “We were able to work with the Earnings Edge team to re-configure our toolkit to allow for the staff to easily keep track of their sales efforts, and also allow our management team to analyze sales activity at any time, directly in CU*BASE. We look forward to seeing our team flourish with the sales opportunities that we explore in the coming months.”

Not only did DOLFCU activate the Next Suggested Product toolkit, but they also launched the ability for credit union staff and management to see the incentives that employees have earned based upon their conversations with members. The credit union is starting with a promotion to cross-sell credit cards to all members who do not have one, and they look forward to getting more aggressive with future campaigns and promotions.