CU*Answers credit unions will be able to manage their own mobile app features

The CU*Answers Mobile Technologies Group will be offering credit unions access to CU Publisher to maintain their mobile app content, including advertisements, button links, branch information, and much more. Credit unions currently have access to the Request Center, working data from their secure online forms. In the 2021 business year, credit unions will have access to Mobile Manager, CU Info, Forms Generator, as well as Mobile Alerts for a monthly subscription cost.

“We are pleased to deliver this tool to our client base to give them easy access without having to go through our account executives to make changes to their mobile app product,” said Kristian Daniel, VP of Mobile Technologies Group, Sales & Business Development. “Updates are immediate, and members will be kept up to date with the latest and greatest products and services.”

CU Publisher is CU*Answers’ content management system with built in PHP and follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. This allows CU*Answers to process versioning and deployment updates with almost zero down time.