CU*Answers Business Continuity testing completed

OpsEngine, the CU*Answers data center, in cooperation with numerous teams at CU*Answers and partner companies, has completed a business continuity test. The test, the second performed this year, ran from September 13th through September 20th. The event included a high availability rollover of the CU*BASE GOLD core data processing platform as well as a continuity test of the online/mobile banking applications.

CU*Answers, in conjunction with Site-Four (a partner core operations provider located in South Dakota) additionally implemented co-location exercise during the business continuity test. Operators in off-site locations run the processes for CU*Answers data center operations team for a period of time to test the ability to process remotely and prepare for operations coverage in the case of an actual disaster event that precluded operations to continue from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

These exercises allow CU*Answers to test and expand its disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities on behalf of its clients. CU*Answers provides a complete analysis of each test to its clients, which will be coming soon.