Beginning 9/16, your Credit Union will Receive Automated Emails for Mobile App Action Items

Attention credit unions using the CU*Answers Mobile App: starting on 9/16/2020 your credit union will begin to receive automated emails from CUPublisher regarding actionable items required to properly submit and update your mobile app.

Apple Developer Account

To keep your iOS developer account in good standing, your credit union must periodically accept user agreements or miscellaneous items such as updating payment information.  Failure to do so can result in your mobile app being pulled from the store.  Most issues can be quickly resolved by logging into your Apple Developer Account and following the prompts.

Online Banking Test Account

For MTG to submit app updates, both Android and iOS require a test account to verify your app.  If this test account is in a bad state or the password or security questions change, your app will be rejected.  If you receive this automated email, please verify the test account or provide MTG with any test account credentials changes.

Failure to keep these items in good standing can prevent or delay MTG’s ability to update your mobile app to receive the latest planned or emergency updates, bug fixes, new enhancements or annual releases.

Once these items are in a good state, the email notifications will automatically stop.  If you wish to contact the IRSC with any questions regarding these automated notifications, do not reply to the email used in sending the message.  Instead, please forward your questions or updates to