Day Air Credit Union adopts ACH payment advice toolkit for paying vendors

Given the new feature available within the 20.07 CU*BASE software release to submit a PDF of ACH payments made to vendors, Day Air Credit Union (Dayton, OH) quickly adopted this strategy with the assistance of the CU*Answers Earnings Edge team. The team stepped in and assisted the credit union with the configuration of the toolkit and consulted with Deanna Dahling, the VP of Finance from Day Air, to ensure successes.

Deanna stated: “We are ecstatic about the new feature to submit details of the bills we are paying to vendors via ACH. This will streamline our operations and we will save an immense amount of time within our Accounts Payable team.”

The 20.07 CU*BASE software release also included a new dashboard that allows credit union executives to keep tabs on their accounts payable operations more than ever before. Highlights of this dashboard include details on the top vendors paid during a specific time period, top expense accounts offset during a specific time period, and a 3-month trend of bills paid.