CU*Answers publishes mid-year revision to Business Continuity Plan

On August 5, 2020, CU*Answers announced and published a mid-year revision to their Business Continuity Plan for review by credit unions on the CU*BASE platform to document changes made during the preparation and response to the pandemic outbreak and government stay-at-home mandates across the country. “As a credit-union-owned CUSO and core processor, our clients place their trust in us that we will be there when disaster strikes and that they will have access to the tools and services they need to continue serving their members, even during a global pandemic,” said Jim Lawrence, Vice President of Business Continuity. “It’s not enough to promise and promote our capabilities, we must deliver when the pressure is on and show that we are continuously improving and preparing for the next unexpected event. It’s seasons like this that puts your business continuity program to the ultimate test.”

Like many organizations, CU*Answers quickly expanded the capacity of their secure remote access network to allow staff to work safely from their homes. “The ability to respond quickly allowed us to free up our IT support resources and assist our network of more than 250 credit unions who were engaged in doing the same to enable their staff to work remotely and interact with members over digital channels. That’s the difference a cooperative makes.”

More information about the business continuity program and related services available from CU*Answers can be found on their web site at: