CU*Answers collections roundtable goes completely virtual

The team at CU*Answers has offered semi-virtual collections roundtable offerings for a few years now. “Over the years, our Collections Roundtable events have become very popular,” said Jerry Collins, manager of the collections team at CU*Answers. “Many of the clients were not able to visit us geographically, so we decided to offer a virtual option to allow them the same access to information as those locally.” Now, with the new social distancing concerns, CU*Answers took it one step further and offered all virtual attendance.

“We were concerned about losing the discussion that really brought the events to life,” added Collins, “but using a moderator to watch and voice chats, we made it one of the more popular roundtables with over 80 attendees.” He said they will likely keep this feature although they are looking forward to more social interactions with their clients in the future.