Asterisk Intelligence unveils online & mobile banking dashboard

Asterisk Intelligence, a data analytics team providing business intelligence consulting, fulfillment, and educational services to credit unions, recently released a new operational dashboard proving insights into online and mobile banking channels within CU*BASE®, CU*Answers’ core data processing application.

The online and mobile banking dashboard provides enhanced insights into digital channel utilization by credit union members. This toolkit allows for the identification of the users of each channel, as well as insights into logins per member, device operating systems, and authentication methods among other metrics.

“We are excited to unveil this new dashboard to our partners,” said Thomas Hull, a business intelligence analyst with CU*Answers. “This dashboard greatly increases our partners’ ability to analyze digital channels, reinforce their channel investments, and creates several new areas of opportunities for marketing, as well as strategies for managing member relationships. This dashboard has transformed data, which was previously only accessible by a trained analyst, and has made it accessible and digestible by the non-analyst, reducing barriers and increasing user access to actionable data.”