Analytics Booth surpasses 1,400 days of operational history

Asterisk Intelligence, a data analytics team at CU*Answers, which provides business intelligence consulting, fulfillment, and educational services to credit unions, recently surpassed 1,400 days of operational tracking available in Analytics Booth, a web-based operational trending and analysis toolkit.

Analytics Booth tracks and trends credit union operations, portfolio performance, and membership trends daily, providing credit union users 24-hour feedback loops into the ebbs and flows of the organization.  Analytics Booth daily operational data dates back to September 1, 2016.

“We are excited to offer our credit union partners such a robust analytical toolkit supporting years of daily trending,” said Thomas Hull, Business Intelligence Analyst with CU*Answers. “1400 days of operational insights on hundreds of metrics generates data driven opportunities and levels of operational knowledge which would be impossible with traditional monthly reporting.”