Action Required: Annual Location and Contact Information Audit

Attention all Xtend Shared Branching Participants

Action Required: Annual Location and Contact Information Audit DEADLINE: July 10, 2020

As part of our annual verification process, we ask each Xtend Shared Branching Location to verify location & contact information once each year. To complete this task, you must submit the Shared Branching Information Update Form.

Even if your information is accurate, you do need to complete the form.

Action! – Verify Location(s) & Contact Information. Here are the steps:

  1.  Locate your credit union on our network sites:
    a. Great Lakes Network –
    b. West Coast Network –
  2.  Click on your credit union name
  3. Review the branches details and contact information
  4. Have changes? Need to add/delete a location? No changes needed at all? GREAT! Complete this for to submit changes or confirm your information is correct –
  5. Submit! Deadline to submit updated information is July 10, 2020

Act Now

On August 7, you will be able to order your new brochures and posters for the upcoming year. We will send instructions to place an order once all updates or changes have been made.  We encourage you to wait until August 7 to order, as the changes submitted to the brochures will not be available until that date.

Have further questions? Contact us at or call us at 616-285-5711 x 313.